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Amazing Australian Clothing


A country as amazing as Australia has some pretty amazing clothing too to help people cope with the Australian climate and conditions.
Many traditional clothing items like Blundstones and Akubra hats are now popular souvenirs finding their way all over the world.

Aboriginal T-shirts

These T-shirts make great souvenirs or presents and you can order them online

Aboriginal Boomerang T-Shirt (Black)

Aboriginal Boomerang T-Shirt (Bone)

Aboriginal Dance T-Shirt

See more Aboriginal design T-shirts here

Akubra hats

The famous Aussie Akubra

Akubra is an Aboriginal word for head covering and this was the name given to the hats that fur cutter Benjamin Dunkerley started producing in Tasmania in 1872 . It is a bush hat with wide rims to keep the sun off your face and each hat needs seven rabbit skins but have nowadays turned into a fashion item worn by many who never leave the city and is for sale where ever tourists congregate nowadays. Before scientists were smart enough to develop diseases to keep rabbit numbers under control the need for rabbit skins for these hats helped keep rabbit numbers down. The hat looks even better together with a Drizabone.

Australiana T-shirts

aussie T-shirt

Australia has a great range of funny T-shirts that poke fun of the Aussie people and culture. They make great gifts or souvenirs.

Aussie Beer Drinkers Club T-Shirt

Aussie Sheila T-Shirt

Aussie Slang T-Shirt

More Australiana T-shirts

You live in the tropical part of Oz? Then click here to see the range of singlets!

Blue Singlet

Essential part of any Aussie worker's wardrobe, though it is a bit in decline as regulations are being brought in to get truckies (truck drivers) to wear brightly colored safety clothing to make them more visible to other road users.
There is no danger of the blue singlet becoming extinct though.

blue singlet
Real Aussie blokes in blue singlet, stubbies
and thongs keeping an eye on the fish.


Used to be just work boots for Aussies but now have become hugely fashionable items in many countries around the world and, next to didgeridoos, are on the shoppinglist of many tourists.
Still made in Tasmania where they have made them since their invention around the 1870s.



The "Drizabone" is the traditional Australian stockman's oilskin riding coat and is part of Australia's history.
It was adopted by the early Australian settlers from the wet weather gear worn by the sailors on the windjammers to protect themselves from the fierce weather of the Roaring Forties.
There have been certain improvements along the way, but the essential style of the coat, and its famous durability, have made it a legend. Buy your Drizabone online here


A pair of gators

If you walk through the long grass in the Aussie bush you will find that your socks fill up with heaps of grass seeds, that can be pretty sharp and prickly, and it would take you ages to ever get them out again. The simple solution is pictured above; gators!

Janet Jackson's bustier

World famous Australian made bustier

The costume that shocked more than 100 million Americans watching the Super Bowl in february 2004 after Justin Timberlake tore off Janet's right breast cup and exposed her breast, was made by 34 year old Aussie woman Sam Hill. She is adamant that faulty workmanship was not to blame for the Nipplegate affair but believes the costume had been altered and rivets replaced by quick-release snap studs.


There's a lot of cows wandering the Aussie outback and after they have gone on the barbie and into meatpies there's a lot of leather skins left over. And some creative Aussies turn these into some pretty cool clothing....

Sax Leather


Reginald Murray Williams died early 2004 but his brand of clothing still lives on.
He started making tough and durable clothing for people inthe bush in the 1930s which proved very polular with the bushies at first and then became that trendy internationally that it is now exported as far as Japan and Europe and has turned into a multi million dollar business empire now owned by a couple of media moguls.
He lived to a ripe old age and managed the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach, Queensland in the later part of his life.
Bill Clinton has two pairs of R.M.Williams boots and a belt, and both George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger received a pair of boots as a present from John Howard during visits.
Click Here To buy R.M.Williams clothing online.

Party costumes

Aussies know how to party, and this online shop will make sure you make an impression;

Party Costumes Australia
party costumes


With Australia being an often warm place and Aussies not being overly fashion-conscious many go around wearing sandals. Sticking to this even when overseas saved Queenslander Mark Tuite and his Victorian partner, Michelle Walkden who narrowly avoided kidnap in Colombia because they were only wearing sandals instead of hiking boots. The kidnappers did not realize that Aussies can go anywhere on sandals and thought they would slow the group down. Eight other tourists who had better footwear were marched off into the jungle by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia for a three month ordeal and did not re-surface till Christmas 2003 .


The prime choice for any serious swimmer looking for aero-dynamic, or should that be hydro-dynamic, swim wear.
Since its humble beginnings in 1929 this item has become the top choice for anyone that wants to go as fast as possible in the water, although some people reckon that men over the age of forty or over 90 kg should not wear them in public places.
At the 1976 Olympics Speedo was the official supplier to all competing countries in the swimming events.
In March 2007 Dutch swimmer Pieter Hoogenband was told off by his sponsor Nike for swimming (and winning) in Speedos, his excuse was that they made him go faster and the most important thing was winning.
An Australian nick name for speedos are "budgie smuggler", as Toby Abbott demonstrates in the righthand picture.


Stinger suits

In the northern part of Australia there are some nasty box jelly fish in summer time that can well and truly ruin your day by killing you within three minutes so it is not a bad idea to wear a stinger suit if you go swimming, on you can read all about this Australian invention and see where they are for sale.

stinger suits


blue singlet
Real Aussie blokes in blue singlet, stubbies and thongs

Stubbies can be either beer bottles or, in this case, a popular brand of work shorts and in more recent times also leisure wear. They came on the market in Brisbane in 1974 and have taken the country by storm with already more than 60 million having been sold. As with a few more Australian icons it is now owned by as American company but still regarded THE Aussie pair of shorts, together with a pair of Blundstones and a blue singlet it is the sterotype outfit of the Australian worker.

Tanked drinkwear

Photo by

Tanked Drinkwear is a new fashionable clothing concept designed for the drinking enthusiast, with the added convenience of a built in bottle opener. Now you can open twist top bottles without cutting your hands, chipping your teeth or tearing your shirt. To add extra strength, they have double stitched and embroided around the opener making it more durable and appealing. So whether you are at a BBQ, a party, camping or wherever, it's good to know you won't have to look far to find a bottle opener. For more info and to order one see


blue singlet
Real Aussie blokes in blue singlet, stubbies and thongs

Steel capped thongs to wear at work

While this name refers to underwear in some other countries here in Australia it refers to those rubber flip-flop things that you wear on your feet and are useful at Aussie barbies to keep those bits of broken beer bottles out of your feet.
Some tourists are amused or worried when the sign at the door to the bar says "No thongs allowed" but this just means they want to keep the yobbos out and you need to have some decent foot wear, the doorman will not check what underwear you are wearing.

Ugg boots

ugg boots

A brilliant Australian invention to keep your feet warm, buy them online here:

Australian Ugg Boots



You know of any other amazing Australian clothing? Then contact us!

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