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Amazing Australian Statistics


Australia has a surface area of no less than 7.686.850 million square km. ( incl. islands) and 26735 km. of coastline with 7000 beaches, the highway that runs around Australia is 24000 km. long, there are 2000 national parks, 17 World Heritage Areas, and over 7000 beaches and 8000 islands !
It is the only nation to occupy an entire continent, which is also the world's smallest continent, despite Australia being a bloody big country.

On October 17 2003 the human population hit 20 million, three quarters of them live close to the ocean in only ten cities and almost 200 nationalities are represented, indigenous people only make up 1.5% of the current population and the country has a population density of only two people per square km., this compares to the population of New York spreading out across the entire US. In 2010 the population hit 22 million and is expected to hit 35 million by 2050. Aussie men live an average 79 years, women 83.

Australia has one birth every 1 minute and 46 seconds, one death every 3 minutes and 42 seconds, a new international migrant every 1 minute and 46 seconds, this leads to an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 10 seconds. If you want to know how many people live in Australia right now this minute then see the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock.

Australia is also populated by about 40 million kangaroos, 75000 crocodiles, half a million wild camels, 140 million sheep, 24 million cows, 90 000 dugongs and 100 000 koalas.

Australia has more World Heritage listed sites than any other country, seventeen of them have been classified by UNESCO; such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park , the Daintree National Park, Kakadu, Uluru, Cradle Mountain, and several dinosaur fossil sites.

After Antarctica, Australia is the world's driest continent, more than 80 per cent of the continent lies in arid or semi-arid climatic zones and a quarter of it is officially uninhabitable. It is also the flattest continent, and the lowest.

Australia also accounts for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, considering Aussies only make up 0.3% of the world's population that is a pretty high figure.

On October 17 at 4.24 am Australia's 20 millionth resident was born at Mater Mothers Hospital in South Brisbane. It had taken Australia 171 years from the arrival of the First Fleet to grow to 10 million but only 44 years to double to the current 20 million.
About 12.4 million people came to Australia in 2009 and 12.3 million left, making the total number of arrivals and departures more than 24.7 million.

john howard
Cheers mate!

John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister up to 2007, spent $27,196 on alcohol during the year ending July 2004 at his official residences, The Lodge and Kirribilli House, that works out to more than $500 a week! He admits to liking a drink but claims most of it went into official functions...
Even more amazing, a nation wide survey by Durex found that 5% of Aussies thinks he is sexy!

More than five per cent of the total land area has been set aside for nature conservation, including 15 world heritage areas listed by the United Nations as having outstanding universal value. There are more than 500 national parks and more than 2700 conservation areas ranging from wildlife sanctuaries to Aboriginal reserves.

More Aussies believe in aliens than in God;
80% of Aussies believe in the existence of aliens somewhere in space and 74% believe in God.

Buying a car? Be careful!
1 in 6 has outstanding finance owing, 1 in 16 has been recorded as a write off, and a vehicle is stolen in Australia every 9 minutes

Statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed 1600 people were charged with committing offences in the state's "places of worship'' in 2008 while only 282 people were charged in premises classified as adult entertainment over the same offences. This means that you are safer in a brothel or stripclub than in a church!!

A nationwide Daily Telegraph's Banks versus Battlers Survey found that in 2010 Westpac was the worst bank in Australia (only 18% of its customers were happy), they were followed by Commonwealth Bank in second place and ANZ in third place.
In 2009 all the Aussie banks together managed to extort 21 billiion dollars in fees from their customers, up 4 billtion from the year before.

Aussies spot between 1000 and 1500 UFOs per year.

68% of Australian believed in April 2004 that a terrorist attack on Australia is inevitable.
During the Vietnam war, 500 Australians died and 3129 were wounded. At the time of writing this, May 2010, 11 Australians have died in Afghanistan, and 20 have been wounded.
27% of Aussies are Catholics, 24% Anglicans, 20% atheists, 8% Uniting Church and 6% agnostics, only 22% of Australians say they go to church. A survey in 2005 concluded a quarter of Aussies had been born overseas.
3.6 million people in Australia are over age 55 and semi or fully retired, retirees live on an average annual income of $22,380 and 48% plan to rely on a government pension as main income, and 21% of 65 year old retirees have failed to save money to provide an income for themselves.

It takes three days to cross Australia by train and five hours by plane.

99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

The Great Barrier Reef stretches 2300km along Queensland's coast from Bundaberg through Cairns to the top of Cape York, and contains 2900 reefs, 600 islands and 300 coral cayes. This amazing place is home to 1500 species of fish, 360 species of hard coral, 30% of the world's soft corals, 7000 species of molluscs, 17 species of sea snakes, 6 species of endangered sea turtles, 1330 species of crustacea, 30 species of cetacea (whales and dolphins), and 14,000 of Australia's 90,000 dugongs. It generates six billion dollars and 63000 jobs for the Australian economy per year.

Aussies pay more for their home telephone services than anyone else in the developed world, apart from the Hungarians. The OECD in Paris has worked out that the average set of home telephone services in Australia, including calls to mobile phones and international numbers, costs 50% more than the Poms pay in the UK and 25% higher than the OECD average!

Two thirds of the people in Australia make up 66% of the population.

In 2005 the Aussie banks once again raked in higher than ever profits, and charged their customers a whopping $9.25 billion in fees and charges on their accounts. This record was broken again when they made $10.5 billion in fees in the financial year ended June 2007.

australia new zealand merger

41% of a thousand interviewed Kiwis thought it was a good idea for New Zealand Australia's seventh state, 58% did not believe the discussion was worth having, and 1% were not sure. Around the year 1900 New Zealand chose not to join the Australian Commonwealth, the Australian constitution provides for New Zealand to join but the country decided to remain separate.


Have you been to Crown Casino in Melbourne and lost some money?
Well, you're not the only one, in its first decade of operation gamblers have lost a mucking afazing $9 billion, that means $2.46 million lost every day, or $102,000 an hour, playing pokies and table games.

According to Merrill Lynch and Capgemini annual wealth report, released June 2007, the number of Australians with financial assets of more than $1 million grew by 10.3 per cent in 2006 to 160,600 people.
In 2006 every Australian was worth an average of $316,000.

Demographer Bernard Salt spent a bit of time going through the 2006 census figures and worked out where the biggest concentrations of single blokes were, the appropriately named town of Singleton in the New South Wales Hunter Valley was found to have the widest choice of blokes for single sheilas to choose from, although some Singleton sheilas that were interviewed reckoned that while the quantity might be there, the quality was lacking a bit.
These are the single stats:

1) Singleton, New South Wales - 180 males per 100 females

2) Burdekin / Ayr, Queensland - 171 males per 100 females

3) Mackay, Queensland - 156 males per 100 females

4) Griffith, New South Wales - 141 males per 100 females

5) Gladstone, Queensland - 141 males per 100 females

6) Wollongong, New South Wales - 140 males per 100 females

7) Lithgow, New South Wales - 139 males per 100 females

8) Bunbury, South Australia - 139 males per 100 females

9) Whyalla, South Australia - 137 males per 100 females

10) Ballina, New South wales - 136 males per 100 females

Some other interesting singles statistics: Australian singles prefer to date tradies like carpenters, tilers and painters rather than professionals according to a recent survey of 950 people by . Professions in order of desirability to date:

1. Carpenter
2. Tiler
3. Painter
4. Builder
5. Plumber
6. Banker
7. Doctor
8. Lawyer
9. Accountant
10. Psychiatrist

In other words; if you are an accountant or a psychiatrist living in Singleton or Ayr then your chances of getting laid are about the same as Kim Beazley being elected Prime Minister, and you are better off joining one of the online dating sites to find your sheila elsewhere in this world. also did a survey of office workers and no less than 20 per cent of people surveyed said they have not only been getting intimate at the office but also admitted to doing ‘it’ during work hours.
The survey also found only 13 per cent of Aussies saw romantic relations in the office as unethical.

Women with large backsides live longer than men who mention it.

One person every two weeks is killed by the drug ecstasy in Australia, either through direct effects or through crashing their car while driving under influence of the drug. Most said not to worry about driving under influence of ecstasy as police has no means of tesing for it like they do with alcohol. 31% of surveyed people also said they suffered depression as a result of ecstasy use and 42% experienced work or study problems. As with other addictive drugs, those addicted to ecstasy or "molly" can be helped if they only seek it.

In November 2012 it was announced that of the major domestic airlines in Australia, Qantas achieved the highest level of on time departures for September 2012 at 86.1 per cent, followed by Virgin Australia at 83.9 per cent, Tiger Airways at 79.5 per cent and Jetstar at 75.8 per cent.

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According to Australia Post the number of Aussie letter boxes grows by 2.5% per year, and by June 2005 they reckon Australia had 9.87 million "mail delivery points", also known as letter boxes.

darwin stubby

Territorians drink 15 litres of pure alcohol each year. This is three times the global average, but Alice Springs residents drank even more, an average 20L of alcohol, and this is a 18 per cent drop since a suite of Commonwealth and Territory government restrictions came into force in 2006.! The only nations that come close to matching Territorians at the bar are the Irish and Czechs, who drink 13L of alcohol (World Health Organisation figures).

In 2004 Australians consumed only 90 litres of beer per capita, well down from 125 litres in the 1980s, and Australia is now ranked ninth behind countries such as Luxembourg and Belgium, with the Czech Republic on number one with 162 litres per capita. This does not mean Aussies are not drinking much, as wine consumption has gone up to four times the level of the 1960s. For quite a few years the city of Darwin used to have the highest beer consumption in the world!
Australians also drink an average of 288 cups of coffee each year.

Aussie babies shit their way through 800 million disposable nappies each year, producing 145,000 cubic metres of landfill.

Aussies eat 300 millions Tim Tams every year
69% of Aussies like sharing Tim Tams with friends
40% of Aussies hide Tim Tams from friends and family
66% of Aussies like to eat Tim Tams when watching TV
3% of Aussies eat Tim Tams in the bath

Cairns Woolworths sells more Tim Tams than any other shop in Australia, due to Japanese and Korean tourists stocking up as they are cheaper here than back home.

tim tams

Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world, with 64 per cent of the nation's households owning pets.

In 2005 Australia produced about one-fifth of the world's uranium output.

Alice Springs' 50,000 residents consume an estimated 7.5 million litres of alcoholic beverages a year.

In 2009 Australia spent over $12.5 million deporting people and over $2m flying them to Christmas Island and back.

Nearly a million Aussies use negative gearing to keep their tax bill down and gained an average $125 a week in 2004, this adds up to $2.78 billion.

Aussies slipping and falling over in Aussie supermarkets claim $100 million a year in payouts.

In 2005 Aussies were slugged $583 million dollars in fees by their banks for using Australia's 24000 ATMs.

Over 1300 Aussies a year die from skin cancer.

In 2005 in Sydney, the average house price was $520,000 while the average household income was about $61,000

tasmania forest cleared for wood chips
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Report for United Nations greenhouse gas convention in 1997: Australia is clearing nearly 500 000 hectares of trees each year, 5 million hectares from 1983 to 1993 and while most countries go to these conventions to reduce their gas emissions Australia was given special permission to boost it by 8% !!!

In 2004 the average Aussie wedding cost $36,234.- and believe it or not Aussies spend even more on weddings than on drinking beer! In 2004 the wedding "industry" generated $4.5 billion and beer brewing "only" $2.7 billion.
Both industries create their share of hangovers as 40% of weddings in Australia are likely to end up in a divorce.

During 2012 every nine days an Australian died on Bali every nine days. Some from natural causes, some from their own stupidity, and some from violent crimes that the local police is reluctant to investigate.

Thirty-two billion cigarette butts are discarded in Australia each year, and, according to Clean Up Australia, there are around 700,000 in the sand at Bondi Beach at any given time.They don't biodegrade, and take up to 12 years to decompose. They contain up to 3900 chemicals and end up in the water where they take two to three years to biodegrade, harming wildlife, and making swimming unpleasant.

18000 kangaroos are shot every night, shooters get paid around $1.70 per kilo of roo meat.

 Sydney, Australia
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It takes 10 years and 30,000 litres of paint to paint the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and when they finish they have to start again at the other end.

In 2003 Territory Parks and Wildlife officers caught 180 crocodiles ranging from 2.5 to 4 metre in the 19 traps they manage around Darwin harbour

No less than two thirds of Australians are known to be overweight and the percentage of obese Australians is only one percent less than the U.S.! In 1980 the average Aussie bloke weighed 74kg and a sheila 62 kg, in 2000 that had risen to 81 and 69 kg. In 2006 25% of Aussie children are overweight or obese, compared to 5% in the 1960s. The World Health Organisation lists Australians as the third fattest nationality in the world. Being overweight also increases your chances of getting diabetes and 100 000 Aussies a year are diagnosed with diabetes.

Queenslanders are the heaviest Australians. In 1989/90, one in 10 adult Australians were obese but this has risen to nearly one in five, or 17 per cent, a decade later. A further 34 per cent of people were classified as overweight. Men are more likely than women to be overweight, 58.9 per cent compared to 43.2 per cent.

In 2011 a study found that 14 per cent of the Australian Defence Force or 11,676 sailors, soldiers and air force personnel are rated as obese and over 5600 personnel unfit for active duty.

Australian households throw out at least $5.2 billion worth of food each year, mostly fruit and vegetables and unfinished restaurant and takeaway meals and fresh meat and fish, ths equals 150,000 truck loads of garbage.
Australians also smoke around 38 billion cigarettes a year.
Despite this the World Health Organization lists Australians as the sixth longest living in the world.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were over three times as likely as non-indigenous people to have diabetes and more than 10 times as likely to have kidney disease.


Australia is not very corrupt, but more corrupt than Hong Kong or Singapore, according to the Hong Kong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC).
They surveyed more than 1700 expat business executives to compile the Asia region top 16 of corrupt countries, it also includes USA and Australia;


1 - Indonesia (most corrupt)

2 - Thailand

3 - Cambodia

4 - India

5 - Vietnam

6 - Philippines

7 - Malaysia

8 - Taiwan

9 - China

10 - Macau

11 - South Korea

12 - Japan

13 - United States

14 - Australia ( little bit corrupt)

15 - Hong Kong

16 - Singapore (least corrupt)


5.2 million Australians injure themselves each year on sporting fields and courts requiring almost 25,000 hospital admissions and another 250,000 into the emergency department. Medibank Private found sports injuries cost the Australian community more than $1.8 billion a year. Footballers were the most likely to be injured and those aged between 18 and 24 were at greatest. Surprisingly one in four people going to yoga classes ended up with some sort of injury. 6000 Queenslanders a year suffer a brain injury in a traffic accident.

One child a week gets run over by a car in a driveway, often by four wheel drives from which it is hard to see out the back.

Australia's roads and highways are lit by 1.94 million lights that cost $210 million a year to run.

The murder rate in central Australia is ten times higher than the national average.

Ayers Rock
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Around 400 000 people a year visit Uluru / Ayers Rock, of which about half climb the rock.

Around a 100,000 vehicles are stolen each year in Australia, and only about 73% recovered.
Odds are worse if you have a 70 Series Land Cruiser four wheel drive, in Queensland you have a 55% chance of seeing it back, and in New South Wales only 41% .

politician don chipppolitician kim beazleyAmanda Vanstonejoh bjelke petersenkevin rudd prime minister of australia

Australia has one full time politician for every 20 000 citizens (not counting local councillors) which is more than twice as many as the U.K. ! And it is not cheap to have all these politicians, they get paid for domestic and overseas travel, chauffeur-driven and self-drive vehicles, electorate allowances and staff. The bill for this in 2010 is no less than $373 million, if you divide that by 226 federal politicians that works out to $1.65 million each!!
In 2010 Australia was rated the sixth most democratic country in the world, Norway was the democraticest country, our Kiwi were slightly democraticer than us at number five, and North Korea was on last place as the undemocraticest country.

7% of prisoners on average in Australia are women, the Northern Territory has the highest percentage, their average sentence is 18 to 24 months, and 25% of prisoners are there for assault, robbery or theft.
Incarceration rate in the Northern Territory is the third highest in the world, 629 prisoners per 100 000 of adult population, and the vast majority of them are indigenous. Western Australia has the second highest rate although significantly lower than the NT; 240 prisoners per 100 000 adult population. 11000 children in New South Wales have a parent in prison.

The highest point is Mt. Kosciusko in New South Wales' Snowy Mountains at 2228 metres where you can actually find snow ( some people think that all of Australia is covered in palm trees). Near here is also the coldest place in the country, at Charlotte's pass temperatures of minus 22 degrees have been recorded.

124 000 Aussies die every year, August being the peak season for dying.


meat pie

260 million meat pies are eaten every year, August being the peak consumption. Queenslanders eat more pies per head than any other state.

The two stats above were found in different sources but they look a bit worrysome there together.
In 2010 an amazing 1.7 million Aussies visited McDonald's each day.

1464 People died in traffic on Australia's roads in 2008.

Australian boys born today can expect to live to almost 77.8 –, while girls will live about 82.8 years. Life expectancy has improved by six years for males and four years for females over the past 20 years, and at an average of 81.5 years, people who live in the ACT have the highest life expectancy in the nation, while those in the Northern Territory have the lowest, of 74.7 years. Australians can expect to live longer than residents of most of the world, except for Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden. The situation is different for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys who can expect to live just 59 years, while indigenous girls have a life expectancy of 65 years. The majority of men who die are married at the time of death, while most women are widows by the time they die. In 2003, the median age of death was 76.2 years for men and 82.4 years for women, cancer was the biggest killer, accounting for 28 per cent of all deaths, followed by heart disease which caused one-quarter of deaths.

Every year in Oz 2700 blokes die of prostate cancer, more than twice the number of sheilas dying from breast cancer. One in six blokes is affected by depression, and they live an average 6 years less than sheilas.

27 patients in Aussie hospitals were stitched up with forgotten medical equipment inside their body during 2004

In 2009 a total of 223 Aussies were locked up in foreign prisons.

Only 2 per cent of Australians can correctly recall the name of the nation's official head of state, Governor-General Michael Jeffery while 5 per cent have a vague idea of his surname. 87 per cent of people have absolutely no idea who holds the job. Even monarchists had no idea with only 1 per cent being able to quote his full name. He will probably never be as famous as his predecessor Peter Hollingworth, the former Archbishop of Brisbane, who was forced to step aside in May 2003 after a church-initiated sex abuse inquiry found he permitted a disgraced priest to stay on. Even though he served Australians for less than two years in the vice-regal role Mr Hollingworth is entitled to an annual pension of $184,000 and he has already moved himself into a plush office in Melbourne's 101 Collins St building with an estimated rental of $100,000 a year and the bill for a staff member to run Mr Hollingworth's affairs adds another $74,821.
Australian taxpayers are forking out up to $4.9 million in pensions and entitlements for the growing club of retired governor-generals.
Australians spent about $500 million on bottled water in 2008, a 10 per cent increase on 2007

On average one Australian a day dies by drowning. This could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for 300 lifesaving clubs around this country that rescue 12000 people a year.

Around half a million Aussies go to the US every year and in 2009 203 of them were arrested, 36 spent time in prison, 81 were in hospital and 50 died.

New South Wales speed cameras reaped a new record of $54.1million in fines in 2005. But the Roads and Traffic Authority has been forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security surveillance equipment at 34 speed camera sites where cameras kept being vandalized.
There are over 800,000kms of roads criss-crossing Australia. Less than 50 per cent are sealed.

The University of Western Sydney did a survey on people who had been taken to hospital after attempting suicide, and found that 51 per cent of them harmed themselves after thinking about it for 10 minutes or less. A further 16 per cent said they had contemplated ending their lives for less than 30 minutes before taking action. reveal that many suicide attempts are spontaneous. Only 21 per cent of those interviewed said they still felt suicidal 12 hours after their attempt. Estimates suggest there are between 10 and 30 attempts for every death by suicide.

Australia produces 95 per cent of the world's precious opals and 99 per cent of black opals.

Although Australia produces a reasonable number of cinema movies ( some pretty famous like Crocodile Dundee ), 92% of box office cash goes to the U.S.

When in November 2003 the army decided to drug-test a whole barrack of its soldiers in Darwin, N.T. no less than 48% of the 97 soldiers tested positive!
This does not mean that soldiers are any worse than the rest of Territorians, when half a year later the Wickham Point LNG plant in Darwin needed staff about 4000 people applied for a position constructing the plant and pipeline, about half of these were Territorians. Of those who were interviewed, about 40 per cent were not offered jobs because of their drug test results!

Australia receives 5 million short-term visitors a year of which 363 tourists died here in 2002, 377 died in 2000, and 371 in 1998. Men are twice as likely to die on their journeys as women and NSW has more tourist deaths than any other state. In July and August, suicide becomes a significant cause of tourist death.
Most deaths had nothing to do with all the crocodiles, snakes and other poisonous things that inhabit this country but were just your boring old heart attacks or strokes (41 per cent, mostly people over 55) and accidents such as collisions and drownings (30 per cent, mostly people under 35). It has been calculated that one backpacker staying his time in Australia earns the country as much income as exporting 17 tonnes of wheat or 77 tonnes of coal.

A speed camera on a highway in Melbourne's west scored the government no less than $1.27 million in 101 hours of clicking away last year, averaging just over $12,000 an hour! However in november 2003 investigations into unbelievable speeds clocked by the cameras throughout Victoria led authorities to suspend camera speed checks and test all cameras for accuracy.
Queensland speed cameras are expected to rake in $40 million in 2005.
Police in Victoria wrote off 21 cars in one year, and a third of their fleet was involved in accidents causing damage of $1.7 million

Nicole Kidman
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Actress Nicole Kidman came in at 136 on the overall list of rich Aussies in 2005 and was the seventh wealthiest Aussie woman, owning around $190 million. She gets paid up to $15 million per movie.

The Sydney suburb of Edgecliff and surrounding area is the nation's richest with an average income of more than $186,000 a year, while Callaghan, the area covering the student halls of residence at NSW's University of Newcastle, is the poorest with he average income just over $27,000.

About 32 billion cigarette butts are dropped in Australia each year.

In 2003 Australians worked an average of 44 hours per week and watched 12 hours of television a week. A survey by a recruitment firm found that nearly half of Australia's employees reckon their boss hasn't a clue about what they actually do at work. And nearly two thirds of those surveyed said their boss would not be able to do their job.
OECD figures have revealed Australia is the fourth worst country in the developed world for rewarding effort through the tax system, an Australian breadwinner in a single-earner, couple family with two children on average earnings keeps less than 39c of each extra dollar they earn, this is an effective marginal tax rate of 61.5%! OECD also found that Aussies are the sixth-hardest workers among the 30 OECD nations, behind Korea, Czech and Slovak Republics, Greece and Mexico.

Australia's 123.500 public servants take sickies at a rate 30% higher than the private sector, at any time 20% is absent, and this way they cost taxpayers $900 million a year by clocking up 1.4 million days away from work.

The average Australian worker loses about $3 in tax for every $10 they set aside for retirement, this is the only country in the world where people pay tax three times on their retirement saving. First there is a 15 per cent contributions tax, then a 15 per cent tax on super fund earnings and then there is another 15 per cent tax on lump sum payments! Someone with an income of $40,000 a year can save $205,000 over 30 years through the compulsory 9 per cent employers' contribution and an assumed 7 per cent annual growth, but after the taxman takes his cut all that is left is $144,287 !
There are also a lot of Aussies that plan for the future in a different way, they spend $10.- a day on cigarettes and will die around the time they reach 65 so don't have to worry about their retirement incomes!

Australians are living longer, and experts warn that many of them will outlive their savings if they don't plan ahead or retire later. According to AMP a recent study of people aged 55 to 64 by the Australian National University, shows an average super balance of only $56,000 - enough to provide a retirement income of just $100 a week for 15 years.

Some unconfirmed statistics that one of our readers sent us:
3 Aussies die each year testing if a 9v battery works on their tongue.
58 Aussies are injured each year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.
31 Aussies have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.
8 Aussies had serious burns in 2000 trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouth.
A massive 543 Aussies were admitted to Emergency in the last two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth.
In 2000 eight Aussies cracked their skull whilst throwing up into the toilet.

31 per cent of Aussie men and 26 per cent of Aussie women will never marry.

33 percent of Aussie marriages in 2000/02 could be expected to end in divorce, compared with 28 per cent of marriages in 1985/8.

The average bra size in Australia has increased from a modest 12B only six years ago to a curvy 14C.
And Tasmania has outstripped the national average, boasting an average bra size of 16C.

Only about three people die from snake bites annually in Australia out of about 5000 people who were bitten each year.

In a survey of office workers 24% admitted to stealing stationery from work and 54% to using the internet for personal use at work. (You're not reading this at work now, are you?)

Australians like to borrow and use their fantastic plastic, also known as credit cards, early 2008 the total Australian credit card debt was up to $42 billion!!

17 million Aussies or 80.6% of the Aussie population uses the internet.

A worldwide survey in 2004 by condom manufacturer Durex of 150,000 people found 33 per cent of Australians have had unprotected sex in the past 12 months, compared with an international average of 41 per cent.
Magazine FHM did a survey in 2004 which concluded that people in Canberra do it more often than any other state or territory in Australia, nine per cent of Canberrans claim to have sex on a daily basis - while 13 per cent claimed to be getting no sex at all. Territorians were found to be quite adventurous with 64 % of Territory women and 48% of men having been in a threesome, also 50% of men admitted to being unfaithful and 33% to having visited a brothel. However, they only took 6 to 10 minutes on average to do it, well below the national average of 14-17 minutes. But while 70% of the nation used a condom Territorians were the least likely to use a condom and most likely to have an STD. In a 2006 survey 10% of Aboriginal males under 16 was found to have been raped, this is 10 times the national average.
Nationwide the survey found both men and women preferred the "woman on top" sexual position, with "doggy style" second and "missionary" third.

aussie penis size 94th in the world
Australia ranks 94th in the world in average penis size, according to

Believe it or not but someone has spent weeks of his time to compile a website with the average penis sizes around the world.
According to a web page on everyoneweb the Aussie penis size ranks in 94th place with an average length of 13.31 cm or 5.2 inches, which is not the best score, there's 93 countries in the world better endowed than Aussie blokes, even the Kiwis rank better with an average 13.99 cm or 5.5 inches.

65 per cent of men and 35 per cent of women want to sleep with someone famous. Kylie Minogue was the most fantasised about celebrity, followed by Delta Goodrem, Elle Macpherson, Holly Valance, and Nicole Kidman. Pauline Hanson was voted the least attractive ahead of Senator Amanda Vanstone, and (now ex-) New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark .
FHM's readers are mainly in the 18-24 year age group so this is not representative of the whole population.

Most fantasized about.....

Least fantasized about....

Kylie Minogue

Holly Valance

The Stepford Wives

Elle Macpherson

pauline hansonAmanda Vanstone

Researchers at La Trobe University in Melbourne found that Aussies who have been in a relationship for over a year do it only an average of 1.84 times a week, and a quarter of those surveyed had not had a single root in the last month.
Aussies have sex on average 108 times a year or once every three days, according to the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey. This survey also found that Australians are keen on the great outdoors.
Seventy-three per cent admitted to making love in their car, 54 per cent in the park, and 43 per cent on the beach.
Twenty-eight per cent of Aussies admitted to having an office affair.

Australians also found their politicians sexy, believe it or not but twenty-two per cent said they found Treasurer Peter Costello sexy but only 5 per cent found Prime Minister John Howard sexy!
The Women in Australia 2004 report shows the median age of Australian women has increased to 36.9 years in 2003 from 30.8 years in 1983, more than half are not interested in sex and about a quarter will not have children.

Most backpackers coming to Australia are aged in their mid-20s and came from the U.K. or Ireland, female backpackers were twice as likely to binge drink as Australians, while their male counterparts were three times more likely to consume hazardous amounts of alcohol, up to 50% of people have sex with a new partner when they travel to another country.

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A study by the Eros Foundation found that legal brothels received 12 million visits a year, generating 1.2 billion dollars, and this equated to an average of 2.6 visits per Australian man.
No wonder the Australian Taxation Office is investigating ways to get the nation's 16000 sex workers to declare their income and pay GST.
Almost 75% of Australians have no objection to the sale of X-rated non-violent pornographic movies, a Eros Association survey has found. They also found that one in seven Australians were in favour of non-violent, X-rated films being available from licensed adult shops, while 17 per cent of respondents were against their availability.

In 2006 a study discovered that 1 in 8 Aussies have genital herpes, mostly in the 35 to 44 age group in the cities, with women twice as likely as men to carry it. In Aboriginal communities the rate was 1 to 5.

A study by Planet Ark revealed that up to 25% of Australia's food ends up in the garbage bin, Aussies throw away nearly 3.3 million tonnes of food every year, mostly because of over-shopping and waste at the table.

In 2004 1.76 billion litres of beer was available to be drunk in Australia, and Aussies drank 85.9 litres of full-strength beer per person. They also drank 15.5 litres of mid-strength beer, 14.3 litres of low strength beer, and 27.5 litres of wine per person.

The chance of getting injured at work in Australia on Monday is greater than any other day of the week. Workplace injuries are 20 per cent more common on Mondays than Fridays, after Monday the chance of being injured goes down every day, with Friday being the safest day. So there is something to be said for taking a sickie on Monday!

On December 1, 2003, insurance company Suncorp released some absolutely amazing statistics indicating that blondes could be amongst Australia's best drivers, having had fewer crashes than others in a nationwide study of car accident trends. The best drivers of all were black-haired women with only 47 per cent stating they had ever been involved in an accident.

In December 2003 the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show a new status is emerging in the 21st century - singledom.
The number of single men and women living alone in Australia has increased 43 per cent between 1991 and 2001, boosting the number of singles from 1.1 million to 1.6 million.

A survey by online travel company found that seven per cent of men surveyed have joined the exclusive Mile-High club and only one per cent of women saying they had, but 48 per cent of men and 26 per cent of womensaid they had fantasised about joining the mile-high club.

The cost of child abuse has been estimated to cost the community $5 billion a year, the cost of alcohol abuse around the $8 billion, luckily alcohol also brings in around $3 billion in alcohol fees, duties, taxes and excises. Encouraged by a flood of home renovation TV shows Australians also spend 3 billion a year on renovations.

So much for Aussies making jokes about the Kiwis and their sheep, sheep statistics show that more than half of Australia is being grazed by 137 million sheep on 53 000 sheepfarms providing 70% of the world's wool for clothing.

4.77 billion lightweight plastic carry bags - or 613 per household - were used during 2004 compared with 5.95 billion in 2002.

kangaroo attack

According to statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit, no less than 28,128 Victorians were injured by animals between July 2004 and June 2007. Almost 7700 Victorians have been taken to hospital during this time after being attacked by dogs. Horses were second, killing two people and injuring a further 5628. Mosquito bites also killed two people and sent 256 more to hospital.
Am amazing 9922 Victorians were hurt by creepy-crawlies, including spiders, bees, wasps, ticks, ants, centipedes and even scorpions. Some more unusual statistics: close to 50 Victorians were attacked by monkeys, family pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs injured 1117 people, and 450 people ended up at a hospital with insects stuck in eyes, nose or ears. Chickens injured another 92, and stingrays over 50 people. Six people had to be treated after encountering ducks and alpacas. Wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, possums and dingoes were responsible for attacks on 231 people.
And 1153 Victorians were attacked in their sleep or while resting or eating.

Overseas statistics

This is not going to be a big section but sometimes you just come across something so interesting you want to add it to this statistics page, even though it has nothing to do with Australia.
Michael Moore calculates in his book 'Dude, where's my country?' the chances of being killed by a terrorist in the U.S.A.
Most years it is 0, just absolute zero, but in 2001 when the September 11 attack occurred it was 1 in 100 000 , while on average every year 1 in 9200 people commit suicide in the U.S.A. , so to put it into perspective; even in that dreadful 2001 year you still had an eleven times greater chance of being killed by yourself than by some muslim terrorist !!!!

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